Web Analytics

A great design and a well developed website are good to retain visitor interest but to analyse the web traffic, behaviour, and other parameters that can help you gauge how effective your online presence is; you need Web Analytics reporting services. Website Analysis is now the order of the day with businesses trying hard to improve their reach on the World Wide Web. Companies are always on the lookout for search engine analytics services that not only give them a clue about the popularity trends but also aid in business and market research.

DesignBoxed is a specialist web analytics service provider. We make use of the most sophisticated tools of traffic analysis to provide both off-site as well as on-site web analytics; thus enabling the delivery of business critical information to our clients.

<h3>Why DesignBoxed Website Analysis?</h3>

  • INNOVATION: Innovative approaches provide thorough web analysis of consumer behaviour on your website – what drives sales, what information or which pages retain the customer – and several other actions that are otherwise beyond control.
  • EXPERTISE: Qualified web analytics staff who can direct valuable traffic to your website and help in generating good leads.
  • EXPERIENCE: Adept at handling new challenges that show up every now and then in the analytics cyberspace.
  • REAL INSIGHTS: Use of the most competent tools and deep understanding of all their useful features to gain the best possible insights about your page.
  • CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS: We offer a competitive mix of services like social media analytics, campaign analytics, mobile analytics, and other customised analyses.
  • DATA SECURITY: You have the assurance of total security of your website’s sensitive information. There will be no compromise on or disclosure of your data. All our security features of spam protection, firewall, virus protection, restricted file system access are in place.
  • COMPETITION ANALYSIS: You get comparative benchmarks of your competitors to know what the best performers are doing that makes them successful.

DesignBoxed makes use of the latest and the most competitive tools of web analysis to ensure that the reports we give you of the traffic trends and other parameters for your website are authentic enough to provide real insights into visitor behaviour. Our website analysis services help you in understanding your e-visitors much better. DesignBoxed is a firm believer of pursuing genuine and white hat Search Engine Optimisation practices in our endeavours of securing top rank positions for you in the SERPs for your relevant keywords.

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