Social Media Marketing/Management (SMM)

Social media has evolved as an undeniable platform for gaining website traffic. The collective efforts of promoting your products/services on the social media websites through the power of content that catches reader attention is termed is Social Media Marketing (SMM). The networks of popular websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, and Digg are vast and ever-growing. There can be no better medium to communicate, express opinions, interact, and share about your offerings with a community than through such channels. DesignBoxed is a professional Social Media Marketing services provider with the right strategies to encourage communication between you and your clients.

DesignBoxed’s Social Media Marketing Services Detail:

  • Conceptualising and creating interactive profiles on all popular and widely used websites viz. social networking, blogs, video sites, and article directories
  • Professional customisation of your profiles with your corporate identity, and relevant content
    Interlinking profiles with one another
  • Creating additional web pages as required such as fan pages on Facebook
  • Ensuring that the links of your social media pages point to your website
  • Optimising the profiles
  • Posting relevant content periodically on them to indicate your visibility and active participation
  • Creating informative articles for submission to directories

DesignBoxed maintains a proactive approach to social media and is ever enthusiastic about a continuous analysis and staying abreast with the newest trends.