Pay Per Click Advertising/Campaign Management Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, often referred to as paid search marketing, is the method of bidding on a set of relevant keywords that have a connection with your business or line of service so that your paid advertisements rate higher than the others on popular search engines such as Google. PPC advertising or campaign management is different from organic methods of business promotion in that the ad listings do not feature in the natural search results that appear when you key a term or phrase in the search field.

The PPC advertising efforts at DesignBoxed are directed towards the attainment of Search Engine Marketing goals on all major search engines. Every search engine follows it own algorithm and principles. DesignBoxed understands this and customises its PPC campaign Management Services individually for the search engines. We try to give maximum exposure to your products and services for the budget specified by you.

PPC Advertising and Campaign Management Services at DesignBoxed Feature:

  • Apt Keyword Bidding – Generating a list of relevant and focused keywords that are effective yet easy on your advertising budget so that you get your money’s worth
  • Strategic Campaign Design – To target just the relevant keywords and maximise the returns on your budget
  • Efficient Management of Ad Groups – Creating effective ad campaigns and ad groups
  • Effective Bid Management – Expertise in through research for management of bids that limit to your budget and increase the return on investment
  • Tracking traffic – Making good use of Google Analytics to keep a tab on performance at various points so that it helps in consistently generating traffic