Google Adwords/Adsense

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, often referred to as paid search marketing, is the method of bidding on a set of relevant keywords that have a connection with your business or line of service so that your paid advertisements rate higher than the others on popular search engines such as Google. PPC advertising or campaign management is different from organic methods of business promotion in that the ad listings do not feature in the natural search results that appear when you key a term or phrase in the search field.

Google AdSense and Google AdWords are great tools in the hands of online marketing experts for effectively designing online advertisement campaigns for products and services. What makes this approach of campaign management more successful than the others is the keyword relevance it provides to generate leads that are authentic and more likely to convert to actual buyers.

DesignBoxed is your online marketing expert with the right experience and know-how in designing ad campaigns in Google AdWords and running them on Google AdSense. We deliver solutions that give you better Click Through Rate (CTR) with your current rankings by flashing your ads on websites that are not search engines. A lot of care and research is undertaken to select the right mix of keywords in your campaigns such that only relevant ads are displayed on web pages that relate to the products or services you make available. DesignBoxed makes use of its expertise in the field of advertising to provide efficient AdWords and AdSense account management services to clients that helps them reach their targeted audience faster – be it local/regional or global.