Internet Marketing

Did you know that your business loses money every second if your prospects don’t know that you exist and of the better deals you provide? Why let the competition get the better of you by your negligence of underplaying the importance of marketing products and services the right way! DesiignBoxed gets you RELEVANT traffic and not MERE traffic.

They say things don’t come in a platter always. You’ve got to make them happen. The same applies to businesses offering products or services for sale. Nothing sells instantly on the web or gains ready acceptance unless intelligent methods of online promotion are deployed. You may be offering cutting-edge products and services benefiting the classes but how do you get yourself known to them; or in more sophisticated words reach out to a wider target audience? DesiignBoxed has the right answers to every question you have concerning online promotion. The buzzword in this context is ‘Internet Marketing’

Internet Marketing, a broad term catering to the way products or services are marketed on the web, is often used interchangeably with online marketing, web marketing and e-marketing. The internet marketing methodologies promoted by DesiignBoxed believes in getting targeted traffic with high potential of conversion and not mere generation of irrelevant traffic with bleak chances of performance.

DesiignBoxed houses a team of internet and marketing savvy professionals who have the right expertise in providing Internet Marketing solutions that favour your business’ ROI. We know how to position your business intelligently so that it does not lose its sheen in the crowd.

3 Step Internet Marketing Module at DesiignBoxed

Analysis of Your Business
We start with analysing your business goals and devise internet marketing strategies that increase your visibility on the web. DesiignBoxed makes use of Website Analytics, and area-wise analysis to understand the traffic trends on your website and to figure out what kind of promotion strategies should be developed.
Competition Analysis
DesiignBoxed makes a study of your competition to identify what your competitors have been doing better than you. We devise online promotion strategies that help you get on top of the competition.
Traffic Generation
Once the analysis of your business and competitors is complete, we start with the deployment of aggressive and result-oriented Internet marketing methods. Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Bookmarking, and Link Building are some of the methods that help in appropriate traffic generation.

DesiignBoxed provides customised packages for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management as well as combo packages for key web services. Get in touch with us for details.