Logo/Visual Identity

When a business has a physical identity, it is imperative for it to have a company logo that is designed well enough to grab the eye. While people do have a tendency to undervalue the importance of having a nice and simple business logo, it is essential to note that several giant companies have signature logos that people identify as soon as they set their eyes on them. When you brand your company with a logo, you establish a visual link for the public (more specifically your clients) between your business and the services it provides.

Successful logo designs/visual identities create a lasting impression on the minds of the onlooker. However, if your visual identity has not been giving you the result that it ought to, it’s time you rethink what could be missing. Changing trends in this ever-dynamic world have probably made it essential that you rethink your branding strategy and get your identity enhanced or redesigned.

DesignBoxed provides efficient, professional, and custom logo design services that are conceptualized in tune with your line of work, business objectives, what you believe and stand for. Providing an effective blend of creative thought and logical representation, we design logos that communicate your unique selling point in a manner that is equally unique and visually appealing. With years of experience in logo designing, DesignBoxed has the expertise to create simple and memorable logo designs that can be quickly identified with and aesthetically beautiful as well.

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