When you have an online presence, you definitely require graphics-popularly known as Info Graphics to aid in the content/communication about your products and services. If arranged right such that they explain the ensuing text, then what you have is a coherent and consistent piece of demonstrative art. Info-Graphics are also one of the yardsticks that determine how long you can retain a visitor’s attention on your page. The pictorial representation on a webpage should be capable of talking louder than the words on it. The moment a prospective customer is on your website he/she should be able to figure out that he/she is in the right place!

DesignBoxed offers professional infographic design services to clients looking to make their web presence more meaningful with just the right dose of quality graphics. Tremendous measures of thought and analysis of your business objectives go into the conceptualization of the visual designs at DesignBoxed. We understand that the best way to tell the visual stories/messages through systematic visual presentation that is clear, crisp and precise; lacking in complexities. We believe in constant interaction with our clients whenever they trust us with their graphic needs. You get individual attention from our Project Managers who consistently seek your approvals and feedback. The skilled web graphic designers at DesignBoxed are thorough professionals; adept at working on the latest designing software so that the end result you get confidently compares with some of the best in business.

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