Branding infuses character into a business organisation of any scale or type – large or small, B2B or retail. A brand rises over the corporate identity of vision, mission, name, logo, or slogan and establishes the complete experience that the customers or prospects have when they associate with you. It is a powerful entity that expresses to your stakeholders what you represent, what you stand for, your personality, and the promise you make to them. Brand tells your customers what they can expect from your products and services or how your offerings weigh over your competitors.

DesignBoxed is your web or online branding expert that believes in your brand projecting the image you convey to the outside world; the main purpose of which should be to help you attain your goals – financial and strategic. We truly care for your corporate image and there can be no better way to express it than by the detailing that goes into every logo or graphic we create – right from the colour mixes in the graphic designs to the execution we do in bringing your brand closer to your stakeholders. When your business associates witness the detailing and coordination in every component of your corporate business kit, from printed stationery to the online presentation, it has to be impressive. Even if your scale of business is small, nothing should stop you from looking good and feeling even better! You can always get in touch with us to lend you a professional touch and take your corporate image notches up.

How DesignBoxed Website Branding Services Work

    • STRATEGIC AUDIT: To develop your corporate brand identity, it is essential that we familiarise ourselves with your vision and mission, goals, and objectives of your existence. Let us know what you do and who your competitors are. If there is anything you want your customers to sense or think when they come across your brand, it is definitely worth highlighting it to us.
    • IDENTIFYING THE TARGET AUDIENCE: The audience to whom your business intends to cater has a direct influence on the conceptualisation of your brand identity. Several demographic factors determine who will derive the actual benefit out of your products or services. Depending on whether your offerings are for the masses or the classes, kids or adolescents, young or old, women or men, we move on next to arriving at the concept for your brand.
    • CONCEPTUALISATION: After acquiring the necessary inputs from you about who you are, what you do and how you want your customers to perceive you, we begin working on a concept that can lend an actual definition to your presence. Our team of qualified business analysts brainstorms for ideas on how best your identity can be given a ‘look’ that is also infused with a ‘feel’; such that it strikes a chord with the onlooker.
    • DESIGNING THE VISUAL EXPERIENCE: Our team of experienced and qualified graphic designers have hands-on experience in creating visually appealing images that depict the perfect amalgamation of what your business stands for and our creative skills. Right hues and graphics are made use of to create an engaging representation of your corporate presence; that is sophisticated enough to preserve your corporate image. We cover the entire corporate identity kit that includes but is not limited to logos, letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, brochures, CD covers, and PowerPoint presentations.
    • EXECUTION OF YOUR BRAND: At this point we decide how your brand can be marketed the best such that it communicates to the target audience and gives a boost to the awareness levels. This we can do through printed collaterals, brochures, advertising, and just about anything else you want us to create for you to ensure maximum impact. If you required, we also provide professional content writing services to help you get the attention of your clients.

DesignBoxed is a fast-growing web solutions, online branding, and print design solutions company with qualified people having years of solid experience in the field of web services and online marketing.

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